The vehicle as a centralized computing unit

An integrated hardware-software solution that presents new possibilities for a vehicle of any kind, transforming it into an automated device designed to provide the maximum commercial benefit.

Cleverpod bridge

Next-generation EV architecture

The electronic architecture of the vehicle will be constructed using our Cleverpod Bridge hardware-software package, simplifying the replacement of electronic components and the fine-tuning of intersystem interaction.

Solution Benefits

  • Versatility

    Low-level control makes it possible to create a customized solution for the automation of specialized land and water vehicles (transporting goods, tillage, and emergency services) and optimize human interaction with the system, allowing the crew to focus on the task at hand and improve the quality of the service offered.

  • Compatibility

    Cleverpod Bridge has built-in support for widely used industrial protocols, making it compatible with almost any device on the market. The adoption of Industry 4.0 protocols allows Cleverpod Bridge to reach beyond locally installed devices and communicate with remote systems, such as a warehouse or dispatch center.

  • Compactness

    One of the main barriers to the widespread adoption of automation hardware components is their size. Small vehicles are usually heavily loaded with equipment and do not have enough space to install custom solutions. Our small configuration hardware design eliminates this problem because the hardware modules are compact and flexible when mounted. Our hardware modules also have IP68 protection and increased vibration resistance, which allows the system to be positioned almost anywhere in an electric vehicle.

  • Analytics

    Cleverpod Bridge continuously collects and analyzes system readings (including from all connected modules and devices) and monitors employee activity. Data is processed and analyzed independently at two points: with local and cloud computing modules. The local computing module is responsible for detecting critical errors that require urgent human intervention. The cloud module performs deeper analysis and provides detailed statistics that can be used in the decision-making process.

  • Modular architecture

    Modular software and hardware architecture allows you to create custom solutions or expand existing ones by adding new functions according to your business needs, while maintaining user-friendly vehicle control.

  • Remote Control Interface (RCI)

    The remote control interface duplicates all the functions of the built-in HMI to provide exclusive control in the event of an emergency. RCI is a more privileged interface that can override local HMI commands based on set access levels.

  • Data protection

    All traffic used for RCI and HMI is encrypted, including local connections. This eliminates the risk of vehicle or personal data being stolen by third parties.

  • Data protection

    All traffic used for RCI and HMI is encrypted, including local connections. This eliminates the risk of vehicle or personal data being stolen by third parties.

Cleverpod Bridge

Cleverpod Bridge is a Centralized computing unit that combines electronic controllers (ECU) and user interaction interfaces (HMI, RCI) through displays, joysticks, projectors, or audio interfaces, with the ability to connect external devices such as external domains or area mega-controllers.

Cleverpod Bridge Embedded Systems

  • Engine Control

  • Body Control

  • Telematic control

  • Battery Management (monitoring and cooling)

  • Fast Charging

  • Video Capturing (360 internal and external)

We are constantly developing and improving our product.

Our team is open to cooperation in integrating third-party systems or solutions, as well as to requests for new functions.

Cleverpod Remote Control Hub software ecosystem

Synergy of vehicle, operator, business, and city

The Cleverpod Remote Control Hub is a software ecosystem that combines solutions for integrating transport into the IT infrastructure of a business, synchronization with a city's intelligent transport system, and the continuous development of operator skills.

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