CP 0103

Ideal transport for emergency and provision of medical services

Emergencies and epidemics can often overwhelm transport and health care systems. When this happens, equipment, automation, and compact size are key factors.


No time like the present

The world is rapidly changing under the onslaught of new epidemics. Case numbers are rising, and instances where paramedics are unable to provide emergency assistance in time are unfortunately becoming more frequent.

The number of ambulance crews should be increasing; however, the classic ambulance setup – a minibus equipped for hospitalization with at least three crew members (driver, doctor, and orderly) – is not always needed.

Speed of arrival at a callout site plays a decisive role.

Our solution is a one-person three-wheeled electric vehicle for first aid or routine examination to be integrated into a medical institution’s main transport management system.

This solution could also be used to provide veterinary care to domestic animals.

Let's be prepared for disasters and disease outbreaks

Synergy of Software Ecosystem and Transport

Cabin wet cleaning done in minutes

At Cleverpod, we believe that sanitation and cleaning shouldn’t be that hard. The CP 0103 is ready to be cleaned with minimum effort. Simply detach and remove all the compartments and the battery, and voila! Your Cleverpod is ready to take a shower

Say no to 99% of microbes and bacteria with ultra-violet

You can equip your Cleverpod with an ultra-violet anti-bacterial lamp to keep the micro-organisms away from the vehicle. Turn on the lamp after each delivery, or between the shifts of different operators.

Ready for disasters and outbreaks

National emergencies or virus outbreaks can often overload our transportation and medical systems. Cleverpod's speed-of-light sanitation, its reasonable price that allows rapid expansion of the fleet and small dimensions are the key during these times.

Integration into company IT infrastructure

In essence, we are dealing with automation scenarios for the business processes integrated into various systems for setting and managing tasks (Atlassian, Microsoft, etc.), customer relationship management (CRM), and resource planning (ERP). Our interface manages the assignment and execution of orders during the operator’s shift. Our system can suggest various options through its Order Processing Scenario function, and includes Route Management to calculate the optimal route based on battery power, terrain, and road congestion.

Software Ecosystem
СP Remote Control Hub

Software that helps to streamline the online food delivery process, improving the quality of customer service.

  • Efficient order management
  • Improved customer retention rates through maintaining the quality of delivered goods
  • Payment via a customized portable interface (the Cleverpod mobile industrial tablet)
  • The ability to combine multipart orders
  • Timely deliveries thanks to vehicle mobility and efficient optimization of delivery routes
  • Order status updates based on information from vehicle and operator
  • Personnel training with the help of the Qualification Center
  • Increased staff competence means better customer service
  • Cost of food delivery minimized by optimizing the cost of servicing the fleet
  • Real-time order tracking

Cleverpod CP01

Main advantages of the
Cleverpod CP01 platform

Fewer couriers and more delivered orders!

  • Reduced requirements for driver certification

    The CP01 is certified in the “L2e-U” class of vehicles in the European Union, and as a three-wheel moped in several other countries. This is a significant advantage when recruiting couriers as the driver only needs a license for driving motor vehicles.

  • 300 km range

    CP 0101 can run all day and travel over 300 km on one fully charged battery pack. This unprecedented range has never been feasible for small vehicles before. One charge actually has enough capacity to cover three work shifts!

  • Adaptability in different weather conditions

    A specially developed climate control device for the cabin and battery compartment, additional body insulation, winter tires, a thermal cargo compartment and/or thermal bags allow the CP01 to operate in any weather conditions.

  • Steering and mobility

    The CP01 can turn in a very small radius, and its user-friendly motor control makes it easy to avoid obstacles and maneuver in heavy traffic. It can move freely in narrow alleyways and is also convenient when parking.

  • Rapid replacement of parts saves money and reduces downtime

    The CP01’s modular structure allows the number of batteries in use to be changed at a moment’s notice to suit requirements and budget. The modular structure of the vehicle enables the rapid replacement of electromechanical parts. The interior and exterior of the CP01 are made of a customized, inexpensive, and durable plastic (on average up to $30 per constituent part) allowing for quick replacement in case of damage.

  • Replaceable batteries

    The batteries can be easily removed and charged separately. You can buy an extra set of batteries to save time on charging. While the Cleverpod is on the road, the second battery pack will be charging for the next trip.

  • Fast charging from a regular outlet or urban electric vehicle charging station

    The combination of specially designed batteries and supplementary energy converters makes it possible to fully charge an entire battery pack in 40 minutes, 4 hours, or 8 hours depending on customer requirements and budget.

  • Solar panels

    Go further with solar panels. Park Cleverpod on the sunny side of the street and charge your battery for miles! This amazing feature will help you go beyond the normal range of an electric vehicle.

  • Vehicle Management Mobile Clients

    Our software package allows you to use a portable tablet to manage the vehicle fleet, monitor the safety and condition of vehicles, plot routes based on range and battery charge, control the transfer of cargo to a client, and much more.

  • Sanitary standards and driver health

    The CP01 is designed to meet international requirements in terms of monitoring and ensuring the sanitary condition of the vehicle as well as assessing the driver's temperature and pulse for signs of viral infection or impaired judgement (alcohol, drugs, mental instability). The body and interior of the CP01 are optimized for quick cleaning and regular disinfection to comply with current sanitary regulations. Inside the cabin, a decontamination system can be installed which uses ultraviolet light and/or sprays an antibacterial solution.

  • Remote management and control

    Our Cleverpod Bridge hardware-software package fully automates the functions of the vehicle. This package enables automated component diagnostics, allowing you to control and manage all internal vehicle systems. These technologies prevent any possibility of misuse (including theft) and automatically report accidents (location, time, exact location of vehicle, 360° camera recordings). They also make it possible to integrate autopilot functions where necessary, and much more besides.

  • Driver comfort

    The CP01 ensures the comfort of the driver by offering protection from bad weather (wind, rain, snow, etc.). It also reduces noise and isolates dust, creating a comfortable workspace with voice assist, navigation, audio systems, and more


Versions of CP0103 Modification

CP 0103-01

The cargo compartment contains a refrigerator (-20°C to + 20°C), taking up half of the cargo space. It is designed to transport vaccines, medicines, and other medical products that require a customized temperature regime. Medical bags and equipment are placed on top of the refrigerator and are held in place with a curtain designed for securing the cargo during transportation. Total capacity 450 liters.

CP 0103 - 02

The cargo compartment contains a refrigerator (-20°C to + 20°C), taking up half of the cargo space. It is designed to transport vaccines, medicines, and other medical products that require a customized temperature regime. Medical bags and equipment are placed on top of the refrigerator and are held in place with a curtain designed for securing the cargo during transportation. Total capacity 450 liters.

CP 0103 - 03

This modification has a small patient seat and a side compartment that occupies half the volume of the rear space of the vehicle. It can be used for medical bags, equipment, and medicine. A specially-designed curtain is used to secure cargo during transportation. If large medical equipment needs to be delivered, the shelves inside the cabinet can easily be removed and folded away.


Technical characteristics

  • Engines:
    2WD wheel motor up to 2200 W. Software speed limit of 45 km/h.
    3WD wheel motor up to 4000 W. Software speed limit of 70 km/h. (optional)
  • Power supply:
    a) One high-capacity LIFEPO4 lithium battery, providing a delivery range of 100+ km.
    b) Two high-capacity LIFEPO4 lithium batteries. These can be charged separately and quickly replaced, providing a delivery range of up to 200+ km.
    c) Three high-capacity LIFEPO4 lithium batteries. These can be charged separately and quickly replaced, providing a delivery range of up to 300+ km.
    d) A roof-mounted solar panel for powering additional equipment and recharging the batteries. (optional)
    e) A roof-mounted wind turbine for powering additional equipment and recharging batteries. (optional)
  • 19'' FHD LED display on the dashboard
  • Detachable tablet computer
  • LTE Modem
  • IP cameras for remote surveillance and monitoring
  • Rear-view camera
  • 360o view video recorder
  • Stereo speakers
  • Microphone
  • Fast charger
  • System and mobile phone synchronization
  • Parking Assist
  • Vibration sensors
  • Door closing sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Interior air quality sensors
  • Alcohol sensors
  • Under-seat pressure sensor (indicates if the driver is seated)
  • Seat belt sensor
  • Driver's body temperature sensor
  • Car body cleanliness control
  • Digital object distance sensor
  • Tire pressure sensor
  • Built-in power saving mode
  • Cabin climate control
  • Battery case temperature control
  • CLEVERPOD BRIDGE temperature control
  • Odometer
  • Automatic headlights (light- and fog-sensitive)
  • Headlights automatically switch between low and high beam modes
  • Automatic windshield wipers
  • Head-up display on the windshield showing system notifications, instructions, and congestion maps (optional)
  • Fingerprint sensor (optional)
  • Motion sensor (volume) - detects presence of persons in the vehicle (optional)
  • Steering wheel buttons for selecting answers in ADANEC format (optional)
  • Fingerprint sensor for opening doors (optional)
  • Fingerprint ignition starter (optional)
  • Emergency call button (optional)
  • Handheld radio transmitter for areas with poor cellular reception (optional)
  • Window washer
  • Customized wheel bolt (optional)
  • Engine sounds (optional)
  • Snow tires (optional)


  • ADANEC Driver Training and Assessment Interface
  • Remote management (view data on battery charge and route, option to slow down or turn off the vehicle)
  • Functionality tailored to collecting / delivering medical goods
  • Reminders to check the operating condition of the vehicle
  • Vehicle geolocation and synchronization with company software
  • Waybill journal
  • Logging of statistics on the use of the vehicle
  • Sanitary log
  • Damage log
  • Driver / courier profile
  • Shift handover function
  • Ability to track shift data (start of shift, lunch break, end of shift, usage)
  • Engine power monitoring
  • Severe weather notifications
  • Basic autopilot functions (optional)
  • Hazard notification via mirrors (optional)


  • Interior lighting
  • UV lights for decontamination
  • Storage space for POS terminal
  • Climate control devices
  • Multimedia system (synchronizes with the driver's tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth)
  • Tablet holder
  • Fire extinguisher, vest, and emergency sign
  • First-aid kit
  • Glove compartment
  • Sunglasses storage space
  • Cup holder
  • Umbrella storage space
  • Folding driver's seat
  • Phone holder with charger (optional)
  • Wireless charger for gadgets (optional)
  • Additional fan in the cab (optional)
  • Driver's seat cover with built-in massager (optional)

Exterior (optional extras)

  • LED advertising display at the rear of the vehicle
  • LED advertising display on the roof.
  • Advertising megaphone
  • Trailer hook
  • Tow hooks
  • Storage for a spare wheel, jack, and wrench
  • License plate / frame
  • Customizable bumper, radiator grill, and front fender
  • Foldable rear rack for bulky goods

Consulting Service

Turnkey automated vehicle fleet and integration into a business ecosystem

Our team of specialists will work with our software and hardware solutions to develop options tailored specifically to meet your requirements – what we call the POD (Problem of the Day).

>Our company provides a consulting service to guide you in the effective implementation of our electric vehicle in your business.

Other Cleverpod CP01 Modifications

POD 1-04

Street patrol

Mobility and computer vision that functions even at night make the employee’s job easier and increase their area of coverage.

POD 1-05

Express delivery of flowers

Computer vision even at night and mobility create the comfort of the employee and increase the coverage of the territory.