Letter from the Founder

Greetings to all,

Thank you for your interest in Cleverpod!

As its founder, inventor, and CEO, I would like to share with you my vision for this Company.

As the world embraces automation, the way we look at our household appliances is changing. The electronic devices we use every day are becoming smarter and more autonomous, helping us in ways that are not so different from human assistance.

A similar phenomenon has led to a boom in the transportation industry, where integrated virtual assistants and automated control options force us to see this kind of vehicle not as a thing, but as a valuable assistant.

We can look back into the past with a sense of familiarity at our relationship with the horse, which provided us with a similar service. At this new point in the somehow repeating historical cycle, we have instead responsive, sociable, automated transport.

At this stage, it is vital to achieve synergy between personal and technological development. Of course, a fully autonomous delivery robot has its advantages, but it is not ideal. This kind of vehicle cannot fully function without a human operator. Unlike humans, a robot is unable to assess the risks inherent within the existing urban infrastructure or in open areas with difficult terrain. For instance, today’s delivery robots become rooted to the spot when faced with developing hazards such as streets thronging with pedestrians or passing cars. Likewise, in the agricultural industry, the human element can be of paramount importance when analyzing and assessing on-the-ground risks.

It goes without saying that a human operator must maintain and develop their professional know-how. Ironically, improvements in automation can lead to a lack of operator enthusiasm, as well as a lack of time or resources when it comes to self-study or attending courses.

With the help of our hardware-software ecosystem, which supports the AIP teaching method, a vehicle can be transformed into a full-fledged competency development tool. We are committed to achieving synergy between the operator and the automated vehicle so that human analytical skills serve to enhance the quality of the fast and reliable automated functions of the vehicle.

Focusing in particular on our Cleverpod transport solutions, we believe that a considered, balanced, and symbiotic tandem of man and machine can do much to harmonize the troubled employment and workforce development sectors.

Kind regards,

Founder, Inventor, and CEO Cleverpod

Alexander Yuryev