clever box


Container for transportation of bulky goods that require heating

Why now

  • 1

    Thermal control automation is not implemented

    The industry lacks solutions for remote monitoring and control of temperature conditions inside thermo boxes.

  • 2

    Availability of full-time monitoring and physical control of batteries in thermo boxes

    The existing thermo boxes do not support the function of remote monitoring and control of the battery charge, which is necessary to maintain the required temperature mode inside the box.

  • 3

    Lack of integrated solutions for thermo boxes monitoring and control.

    There are no comprehensive solutions for the implementation of automated monitoring and remote control of thermo boxes into the companies ecosystem

CLEVERPOD solution - smart boxes with the function of automated monitoring and remote control of temperature conditions.

CLEVERPOD smart boxes are equipped with temperature sensors, heating elements and portable chargers that can be integrated into customers' ecosystems using software of our own design for proper monitoring, maintenance and remote control of the required temperature conditions inside the boxes.

Our boxes have a rigid structure, which allows the delivery of fragile products. They are also equipped with metal shelves for the most efficient use of the internal space. Due to comfortable handles and straps, and 220V power adapters, smart boxes can be used not only when transporting on CLEVERPOD vehicles, but also outside.

Practical design and thoughtful interior of CLEVERPOD boxes in addition to smart functions, solve the vast majority of issues that the delivery industry encounters today.

Solution Benefits

  • 1

    Rigid structure design for delivery of particularly fragile products

  • 2

    Equipped with metal shelves for optimal placement of products

  • 3

    Complete set with heating elements

  • 4

    Heating and maintaining temperature in the range of + 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

  • 5

    Complete with portable batteries with fast charging function and Bluetooth

  • 6

    Battery and household charging possible

  • 7

    Internal temperature sensors

  • 8

    Stable operation at a temperature of -20 ℃ - + 40 ℃

  • 9

    Automated monitoring

  • 10

    Remote control

  • 11

    High level of safety and reliability

Technical Specifications


Внешний материалПолиэстер
Внутренний материалПенополиуретан
Функция удаленного мониторингаДа
Функция удаленного контроляДа


Объем (л)Внутренний размерД х Ш х В (мм)Внешний размер Д х Ш х В (мм)

Датчик температуры

Количество2 шт
Источник питания3,0 В~5,5 В
Регулируемое разрешение9 ~ 12 бит
Диапазон температур-55℃ ~ +125℃
Защита от короткого замыканияДа
Устойчив к коррозииДа
Размер50 (Д)x6 (Ш)X6 (В)мм

Нагревательный элемент

Количество2 шт
Источник питания12 В
Мощность20-100 Вт.
Диапазон температур+30℃ ~ +80℃
Защита от короткого замыканияДа
Устойчив к коррозииДа

Портативный аккумулятор

Количество1 шт
Источник питания12 В
Время работы1-3 часа, в зависимости от температурного режима.
Функция быстрой зарядкиДа
Беспроводное соединение по BluetoothДа
Защита от перегрузки по токуДа
Защита от короткого замыканияДа
Защита от перезарядаДа
Защита от чрезмерного разрядаДа
Защита от перегреваДа

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