Supply of components

Quality assurance with payment on delivery

No time like the present

Our global reach and offices in Asia allow us to maintain stable relationships with suppliers and manufacturing partners that deliver the best quality and value, and enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to the new challenges of progress.

The transportation industry has some of the strictest quality standards in the world. Each individual component must meet specific requirements in order to guarantee the safety and reliability of vehicle operation.

Cleverpod offers a high-quality selection of components for electric vehicles, from motors and controllers to electronic components and charging station solutions. We guarantee competitive prices and our technical staff can select the right products for your future electric vehicle or project to modernize your current fleet.

Our highly scalable and upgradeable controller system, combined with proprietary software, can be tailored to the requirements of any electric vehicle project. Our flexibility allows us to meet the specific needs of any client, whether a small company or a large enterprise.

Turnkey transport solutions

We have developed a resource base and competence for the development of vehicles from concept to production model, with after-sales servicing and business support

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