CP Remote control hub

Synergy of vehicle, operator, business and city

A software ecosystem that combines solutions for integrating fleet management into the IT infrastructure of a business, synchronization with a city's intelligent transport system, and the continuous development of operator skills.

No time like the present

Since its inception in the 1960s, automation has progressed in leaps and bounds, infiltrating all aspects of our lives – both openly and in more subtle ways. The main reason for the success of automation across the board is its ability to reduce both mental and physical stress.

Automation is responsible for lowering labor costs, improving efficiency and safety, and increasing profit in commercial markets.

Transport is one component of this phenomenon, but algorithms (software ecosystems) play a central role. It’s software that affords maximum efficiency in the use of industrial equipment and means of transport.

Our strategic goal is to provide businesses with a full range of automation solutions that meet the standards for integration into a largescale urban environment.

What makes us different

Developers typically focus their efforts on improved physical sensors or software algorithms that form the basis of an automation system, with little regard for the characteristics of the person who will be using the end product.

While it may be adopted with the best of intentions, a purely technology-oriented approach can be counterproductive. If fully autonomous systems are implemented, automation can unexpectedly change the nature of the job performed by the operator and lead to errors associated with the fact that the operator becomes equivalent to an object no different from the cargo being transported. Ironically, the role of the human operator only grows in importance as the scale of automation increases, making it even more vital that automation systems are designed with human physical and intellectual capabilities in mind.

The Synergy of a software ecosystem and a hardware-software solution

Our Cleverpod Bridge hardware-software solution is fully integrated into the Cleverpod Remote Control Hub software ecosystem and can be used as the foundation for a vehicle’s electronic architecture.

Cleverpod Bridge is a Centralized computing unit that combines electronic controllers (ECU) and user interaction interfaces (HMI, RCI) through displays, joysticks, projectors, or audio interfaces, with the ability to connect external devices such as external domains or area mega controllers.

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