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The introduction of fully autonomous systems can be a new experience for many people and may elicit a variety of reactions, from rejection or fear to relaxation so complete that we see a decrease in the analytical and psychomotor skills that make up cognitive function.

We have developed a number of solutions to meet these and other challenges.

  • Cleverpod Qualification Interface

    This feature enables the automation of operator certification and professional training in the roles of Driver, Courier, Service Foreman, Technical Foreman, and more. It picks up on the status of the devices available to the operator and tracks any actions taken, performing real-time analysis to assess the validity of these actions and how well they are performed. This process can also include notifications via Elvin, our virtual assistant, to give the operator hints or even complete tutorials.

  • Virtual Assistant Elvin

    As previously mentioned, people increasingly see their vehicle as a form of robot assistant. Cleverpod has brought this trend to life in the creation of our virtual assistant, Elvin. Elvin combines two roles: personal navigator and teacher. The virtual assistant interface is built into all of our services, including Fleet Management.

    This functionality enables the use of natural voice control to gain access to navigation, music, seat temperature adjustment, and other functions of the vehicle.

    As teacher, Elvin works alongside the Qualification Center, interacting with the operator and prompting them to resolve unclear situations which arise during vehicle operation, as well as teaching them new knowledge. For example, a courier might be trained in the rules of etiquette for communicating with a customer, language literacy, and knowledge of the goods being delivered, among other things to improve their skills in line with the new restaurant to consumer trend that has couriers working as mobile waiters.

  • Communication Interface

    This feature allows you to transform all human-machine interfaces (displays, audio interfaces, projection surfaces and immersive VR technologies) into a single working field. For example, you can transfer a data window from a dashboard front display to a head-up display on a side door or to a portable device.

Other Components of the Software Ecosystem
Cleverpod Remote Control Hub

The Cleverpod Remote Control Hub is a software ecosystem that combines solutions for integrating transport into the IT infrastructure of a business, synchronization with a city's intelligent transport system and the continuous development of operator skills.

Human-centered autonomous control system

A vehicle seen as a robot assistant

Fleet management system

A vehicle fleet as a means of optimization and a profit-generating tool for a company

Personal data storage and protection system

The comfort of the client depends on their security

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