СP Charge point

Provision of IT-Integrated Charging Stations

Electric charging stations as part of the fleet ecosystem

For electric vehicles to be operated successfully, it is important to develop a route map of charging points.

When there aren’t enough power sources, we provide delivery and installation of the following types of power outlet

CP CHARGEPOINT-001 Portable charging stations, up to 15 kW

Our intelligent high frequency battery charger is suitable for cyclical service charging of lead acid batteries, lithium power batteries, and supercapacitors. The charging process is fully automated and integrated into the shared IT ecosystem of city and company.

CP CHARGEPOINT-002 Wall-mounted charging stations, up to 14 kW

These are used for charging large, medium, and small electric vehicles with on-board current converters. They can be installed in public parking lots in urban residential areas, retail spaces, and utility and transportation hubs.

CP CHARGEPOINT-003 Vertical charging stations, up to 360 kW

Our vertical charging station is suitable for charging urban public transport (buses, taxis, company cars, ambulances, logistics vehicles, and more), private vehicles (private cars, commuter cars, buses), for use at intercity expressway charging points and in other situations where fast charging and deployment are required.

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