EV Batteries

Previously extremely expensive projects are becoming more affordable with widespread use

No time like the present

Currently, battery technology, size, and capacity play a key role in planning the future dimensions of a vehicle and its functionality. It is also important to fine-tune the operation of several batteries in a single pack with fast charge capacity.

Our company interacts with a number of manufacturers, providing a range of technologies and customization for business purposes.

We successfully manufacture lithium-ion batteries using LiFePO4 technology, with Can protocol as an option using a range of sizes and packaging materials (plastic, aluminum, and metal). Our batteries are equipped with highly efficient BMS and balancing functions for individual battery units.

Batteries will receive UN38.3 certification and an MSDS report. They will also be packed in UN cartons to meet the latest requirements governing battery transportation.

In addition to batteries, we provide the thermoregulation for the battery environment using liquid cooling or air cooling for smaller vehicles. Batteries are certified according to the international standard.

Our Services

  • Development and supply of batteries for electric vehicles according to the dimensions and capacity specified by the customer.

  • Development of customized solutions compatible with fast charge standards

  • Procurement of UN38.3 certifications and MSDS reports for individual battery packs

  • Procurement of the results sheet issued by customs to identify packaging quality

  • Research, development, and supply of high performance battery management systems (BMS) with a balancing function for individual battery units.

  • Design and implementation of communication protocols for multi-battery mode

  • Packaging in UN cartons specifically for lithium batteries

  • Delivery of batteries

Turnkey transport solutions

We have developed a resource base and competence for the development of vehicles from concept to production model, with after-sales servicing and business support

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