Clever vehicle

A vehicle seen as a robot assistant

A set of systems for vehicle automation, factoring in the capabilities of the operator.

The Key Problems of Automation

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    Operator Complacency

    This is a problem because automation may not always be 100% reliable due to technical failures. If the human operator is overly confident in the reliability of the automated system, they may become complacent and stop monitoring it regularly. This can lead to a failure to notice automation malfunction, which, in turn, can have serious consequences.

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    Complete Operator Mistrust

    If automation is unreliable, operators can develop a sense of mistrust that doesn’t reflect the actual reliability of the system. In this case, operators may not trust automated functions even if they work correctly.

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    Loss of situational awareness

    Because people often occupy a passive role when interacting with automated systems, they can lose situational awareness when completing a task through automation, which can be problematic in a variety of settings. For example, if you use adaptive cruise control while driving, you aren’t actively involved in speed control and don’t even need to brake if your car is approaching the car in front. This means it’s easy to miss important cues from the cars around you.

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    Complete operator confidence

    Algorithms are written by people. A direct offshoot of complacency can be an overzealous belief in automation. Setting too much store by automation leads operators to attribute it with significant authority and credibility. As a result, even when an automated system offers seemingly incorrect advice or gets something wrong, operators are more likely to take that advice at face value rather than consult other sources of information. In most cases this can be the right choice, but sometimes this bias leads to an unpleasant operating experience.

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    Decreased Competence

    If people consistently rely on a high level of automation, their ability to perform automated tasks manually can gradually decline. Consequently, if automation fails and it becomes necessary to take over its functions, the operator may be at a disadvantage in terms of their ability to effectively cope with the situation.

Our Solutions

Our Human-centered Autonomous Control System for road vehicles is based on three pillars

  • NVIDIA Drive-based Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

    This system is a comprehensive solution for highly automated control when driving. It includes active safety, automated driving and parking, and AI cabin functionality from Level 2+ to the highest level of autonomy.

  • Embedded systems automation environment created using the ADANEC Automation Scenarios Framework

    The execution of specialized scenarios with the ability to control low-level processes using extended signals from input and output devices in order to control mechanical and digital devices. It enables automated diagnostics of vehicle condition, both before and during operation.

  • Human-centered automation environment created using the AIP Human Centered Automation Framework

    A comprehensive human-centered automation solution based on Adaptive Information Capability (AIP) and designed for vehicle operators in multiple industries.

    It allows you to adapt the functionality of a vehicle to the skills, abilities, and physical condition of the operator. Assessment and training methods enable the development of theoretical and practical knowledge as well as enhancing cognitive, psychomotor, and other physiological capabilities necessary for an operator's work.

Depending on your goals, purpose, and budget, the system can be partially deployed in a vehicle on a physical internal server, or deployed in the cloud with access via a 5G telecommunications channel.

Other components of the Software ecosystem
Cleverpod Remote Control Hub

The Cleverpod Remote Control Hub is a software ecosystem that combines solutions for integrating vehicle operations into the IT infrastructure of a business, synchronization with a city's intelligent transport system, and the continuous development of operator skills.

Fleet management system

A vehicle fleet as a means of optimization and a profit-generating tool for a company

Customer-oriented services

Building trust and comfort for the end user of the product

Personal data storage and protection system

The comfort of the client depends on their security

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