About us

Over the past 120 years, mankind has made huge breakthroughs in transportation technologies. We have moved from horse-drawn carriages to autonomous high-speed vehicles, and we have no intention of stopping there.

What we do

Cleverpod is a system integrator for special-purpose automated vehicles for land and water transportation and delivery.

Thanks to our custom-designed hardware-software package, cloud computing ecosystem, and established production process for electromechanical units and vehicles in general, we can offer the development and implementation of cutting-edge products that will help you automate your cargo and passenger transportation processes.

Transport Computing hardware human-oriented automation software ecosystem

Our Mission

Cleverpod was founded in 2019 with an ambitious mission: to achieve a new level of synergy between people and transportation technologies. We believe that this relationship can become especially productive only through mutual and adaptive learning.

We want to go beyond the relationship drivers have with their cars. Automation means that vehicles are getting smarter every day, and we would like the people who drive them to improve their skills as well. Cutting-edge technologies allow us to transfer complex data between the vehicle, operator, and data center. These processes will help us to make the transportation process more efficient, increase the competence of operators, and improve the safety of citizens and the environment, as well as ensure the safety of goods

  • Travel range

  • Human-centered automation

  • Making automated transport a reality

  • High-power batteries

  • Fleet management system

  • Workplace comfort and hygiene

Why our vehicles are called Cleverpods

Our products take a new approach to creating electromechanical architecture and software algorithms. They are more functional than a classic car or motorcycle: they can be static or moving, autonomous or controlled, small or large, fast or slow. We use the term Cleverpod to describe these products.

Our philosophy gives new significance to the “pod” in Cleverpod. It’s an acronym for “Problem of the Day”. Every day inevitably brings with it new occurrences that can produce new problems for us to work on. All of our products address specific problems our society is currently facing.

Part of Cleverpod's mission is to bring value-for-money, premium features to the market, including fingerprint unlocking, massage seats, 360-degree dash cams, remote vehicle control, and more. We want these features to be available to the food delivery companies and mobile emergency services that deserve them the most – in other words, to people who spend more than 8 hours a day working in difficult circumstances or under stress. It’s up to us to start caring about their working conditions and acting to make their lives easier and safer. Superior occupational health and comfort should become mandatory, not optional.

There’s no time like the present

Natural disasters and disease outbreaks are giving new meaning to the concept of health and safety. More and more goods and services are being delivered direct to the home. Our vehicles will get smaller and smarter in order to achieve the necessary improvements to the commercial transportation industry. The rapid expansion of a vehicle fleet can sometimes be a priority.
Our solutions will enable you to save on parking space, expenses, and transport costs.

The Future

Cleverpod product development will include new cost-efficient and environmentally friendly agricultural vehicles, advanced mobile ambulance devices and other developments in micro-mobility.

We are continually improving our human-centered, AI-powered vehicle software ecosystem in order to improve connectivity between operators and their automated vehicle fleet. The Cleverpod of the future will be capable of humanizing the interaction process between drivers, dispatchers, and vehicles. It will train personnel, analyze their skills, and adjust the entire ecosystem in response to their developing capabilities, be it in the navigation process, driving, or performance of other work-related tasks.

Improving the efficiency of commercial service providers and delivery services can have a significant impact on the transport ecosystem of the planet as a whole.

Cleverpod believes in creating synergy between humans and technology. Our mission is to contribute to this process.

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Yuryev

Letter from the Founder