Expert consultation to help you integrate EVs into your business

Our team of specialists will work with our software and hardware solutions to develop options tailored specifically to meet your requirements – what we call the POD (Problem of the Day).

We will tailor our offer to your company’s needs using the following steps.

Business analysis and project specification

Electric transport as a tool for business optimization and profit boosting

At this stage, we define:


Business goals (parcel delivery, food delivery, hotel services, administrative work, street patrol, ambulance services, public transport for short-term rent, etc.)


Business requirements (fast delivery, marketing, sanitary standards, payment solutions, personnel qualifications, certification, etc.)


End user profiles (experience, profile description)


Location (operating conditions, BEV energy supply infrastructure, delivery points and vehicle locations, urban transport situation, etc.)


Challenges (individual business problems, areas of cost reduction)


KPI (running costs, number of employees, lead time, etc.)

We will analyze the data we collect and use it to determine which of our services your company requires

Project Plan

Budget accuracy is key for project success

At this stage, we will develop the following documentation on a turnkey basis:


Vehicle specifications

We will determine the appropriate vehicle specifications and provide options for your business based on our prior analysis and the specific services and solutions which will work for you. We can also offer you customized solutions (a particular interior / exterior color scheme).


IT Integration Plan

We will work with you to complement your existing services with customized solutions to optimize your business processes and meet your business requirements. In addition, we synchronize our IT solutions with your IT ecosystem (CRM, HRMS, etc.) and adapt client interfaces (operator / driver, coordinator, administrator) to match corporate branding and marketing objectives.


Marketing Specifications

Using existing marketing solutions, we can broadcast your advertising content from parked or moving vehicles to attract customers or increase brand awareness. We can consolidate your media environment to ensure access to content – including marketing and entertainment materials – and its output through various interfaces.


Business plan and finance model

Based on specified parameters (vehicle specifications, company services, KPIs, etc.), and in collaboration with the Hong Kong-based financial and strategic advisory service Envinary Group, we will develop a favorable business plan and financial model for your company.

Project development and implementation

A good start minimizes costs and losses

At this stage, we carry out:


Design and production of the vehicle

The product can be assembled and tested at a plant in the PRC, or delivered for SKD assembly in the country of operation


IT Integration

We will develop integration modules for your corporate IT ecosystem and deploy our IT solutions locally in accordance with the requirements of regulators for storing user data.



The vehicle must be certified for the needs of the end user (category of driver's license, ability to travel on public roads or highways, etc.) We work with the international company ATIC during this process.


Expansion of the vehicle fleet

This includes overseeing the equipping of parking lots and maintenance bays, and the delivery and assembly of vehicles (if SKD assembly is preferred).


Personnel and end-user training

At this stage, we help to find and/or train personnel, introduce training programs for personnel and end users through an educational platform provided by international company Digital Education Technology, monitor personnel development, and modernize interfaces based on the user experience of operators / drivers. As previously stated, we establish an ongoing assessment and learning process through third-party IT solutions on devices and turn the vehicle itself into a responsive training tool.

Business support

The continuous development of our range of models and IT products is our most important competitive advantage

Our experience of deploying vehicle fleets for leasing to couriers has taught us that a well-run business depends on being able to resolve problems on site and quickly (replacing components without downtime, personnel training, and much more).

Once your parking lot and necessary services are operational, we will constantly monitor your business and regularly optimize your business processes.

Our service and business support team are on hand to support your fleet personnel to ensure that your business runs smoothly. IT specialists will be available 24/7 to offer immediate assistance. In the event of an accident, we can work with you to carry out the on-site replacement of components.

Special offer on orders of ten or more vehicles

We can provide you with the full range of our services (all of the above), or just the one you really need: it’s entirely up to you.

Get in touch and we will put together a tailored offer to meet your needs. We are on hand to provide you with a comprehensive, customized solution based on a fleet of ten or more vehicles.

We’re ready to get started on our free-of-charge analysis of your area of business and specific needs so that we can prepare the right offer and project scope for you.

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