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The comfort of the client depends on their security

Personal data storage and protection system

Our Solutions

The never-ending stream of news in the media about personal data leaks makes it harder to build user confidence in innovative technologies and in our clients’ brands in general. We are implementing a number of solutions from reliable partners to eliminate this problem.

  • User and endpoint protection

    This function provides security when accessing fleet ecosystem services from remote, wireless, and mobile devices.

  • Data encryption

    Encryption is one of the most appropriate and fundamental measures to protect data and to achieve compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Data lakehouse

    This technology provides open, direct access to data using open formats such as Apache Parquet, maintains responsiveness for machine learning programs, and delivers best-in-class performance and reliability with inexpensive storage.

  • Cloud workload protection

    This service is built on the process of ensuring the security of working data moving in various cloud environments. The entire workload must be functional for the cloud application to function properly without any security risks. Cybercriminals are increasing the number of ransomware attacks. As cloud computing infrastructure grows, the number of vulnerabilities increase.

  • Extended detection and response

    This system works by collecting and correlating data between different points in a network such as servers, email, cloud workloads, and endpoints.

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