cp fleet management

A vehicle fleet as a means of optimization and a profit-generating tool for your company

Only the seamless operation of a vehicle fleet will achieve prompt payback and profitability

Our Solutions

Based on our experience, we have prepared a number of business solutions:

  • A project management environment

    A project management environment is a system for working with scenarios for automating business processes which are integrated into various platforms for setting and managing tasks (Atlassian, Microsoft, etc.), customer management (CRM), and resource planning (ERP). The interface assigns and controls the execution of tasks for the operator during their shift. The system offers scenarios including order processing scenarios, and also route management – building routes based on battery charge, terrain and road congestion.

    This functionality enables you to optimize the performance of your fleet coordination team.

  • Media Center

    This provides access to media content and permits you to broadcast it through various interfaces: entertainment content for the operator / driver and marketing content (video and audio advertising on external displays, etc.). This allows the operator to comfortably carry out their work while advertising a company or product. The marketing display can be completely controlled by a remote operator or operate autonomously after being set to show specific content at specific locations using GPS coordinates. The Media Center offers a way to increase staff loyalty and expand the capabilities of your marketing department.

  • Payment solution

    Our payment solution allows you to integrate user payment gateways to receive payments as part of provision of services (for example, payment for the period of use of shared transport (car sharing), payment for the delivery of goods (parcel, food, etc.) upon receipt, and other solutions to meet the needs of the customer) and to collect data on income through the built-in function for structuring income reporting.
    This functionality will allow you to minimize and coordinate your financial department.

  • POD Profile

    Our POD Profile includes automated diagnostics management both before and during the operation of the vehicle, predicting component wear and tear, offering recommendations for the timely replacement of parts, and maintaining a System Log for collecting and storing all actions and events relating to the vehicle. Stored data includes, but is not limited to, system digital readings, user interaction logs, and remote instructions. This functionality allows you to minimize and coordinate your company’s technical team.

  • Operator Profile

    This solution allows you to run a Driver Status Monitoring Scenario to check the driver's physical condition (temperature, presence of alcohol in the body, etc.) both before and during the operation of the vehicle. This also includes maintaining a System-wide log with all records of the operator / driver, from personal information to a log of actions performed within the ecosystem. This profile is stored on remote corporate servers and the data can be used to assess operator / driver performance, perform periodic health checks, and for verification when changing vehicles.

    This functionality allows you to minimize and coordinate your HR department.

  • Integration in a city’s Intelligent Transportation System

    Cities are rapidly advancing towards the creation of centralized agglomerations. In new urban centers, pedestrian safety, speed of movement, and an increase in the number of autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles for various commercial purposes are extremely important. We are currently carrying out this integration process in Shenzhen, China.

    This functionality allows vehicles including mopeds and motorcycles to connect to a transport system in order to meet the requirements of this new generation of cities.

Other Components of the Software Ecosystem
Cleverpod Remote Control Hub

The Cleverpod Remote Control Hub is a software ecosystem that combines solutions for integrating transport into the IT infrastructure of a business, synchronization with a city's intelligent transport system and the continuous development of operator skills.

Human-centered autonomous control system

A vehicle seen as a robot assistant

Customer-oriented services

Building trust and comfort for the end user of the product

The comfort of the client depends on their security

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