Smart Small Electric Vehicles
Cleverpod creates automated commercial vehicles with low carbon footprint

What we do

CLEVERPOD can integrate special-purpose automated vehicles into your business for land and water transportation, goods delivery, and performing specific functions in the agricultural and tourism industries.

Using our own hardware-software package and cloud computing ecosystem, we specialize in the production and automation of a number of vehicles. We offer a range of cutting-edge services to help you streamline your day-to-day operations and become more efficient and cost-effective.

TRANSPORT Computer Hardware Human-oriented automation Software Ecosystem

Electric vehicles and ecosystems for the express delivery sector

Fewer couriers and more delivered orders!

  • Driver comfort
  • Long range
  • Certified three-wheel moped (EU “L2e-U”)
  • Full remote control and management

Our automation technologies

The transportation industry is going through a phase of transition toward robotics, where manufacturers are forced to focus and invest in automated solutions and customer-oriented approaches.

Key areas of development

  • A comprehensive fleet management system
  • The operator's (driver's) cab as a single interface
  • A virtual assistant to be the voice of the vehicle
  • Human-centered autonomous systems
  • The vehicle as a centralized computing unit
  • Fast customization to meet your business goals
  • Data security and reliability

Our solutions

Cleverpod CP01 platform

  • Certified three-wheel moped
  • 5G Digital Cabin Technology
  • Adaptable 450 liters cargo area
  • Fast charging technology
  • 300 km range
  • Solution that saves money
  • Customizable appearance
  • Rapid enhancement and guaranteed quality of service
  • Human-oriented automation
  • Automated Technical Diagnostics
  • Assessment of operator’s physical condition (fever, alcohol)
  • Fleet management environment
  • Full remote control
  • Virtual Assistant Elvin
  • Integration in a city’s Intelligent Transportation System
  • IT-integration with company's infrastructure
POD delivery

CP 0101

Delivery of groceries and ready meals

Combine refrigerator, freezer, warm, and hot compartments to create a cargo area with up to 450 liters of space to meet your needs. The software services, transportation conditions and personnel training we offer will enable the client to launch a mobile waiter service.

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POD post

CP 0102

Mail and parcel delivery

Faster and cheaper than cars. Customizable cargo area modifications, GPS tracking, and IT integration into the company's software ecosystem for well-run logistics.

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POD delivery

CP 0103

Medical transport

Providing medical assistance doesn’t always require the presence of a fully equipped ambulance. A healthcare professional can get to a location independently using a customized vehicle equipped with all the essentials.

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POD delivery

CP 0104

Street patrol

Mobility and computer vision that functions even at night make the employee’s job easier and increase their area of coverage. Can be used to record parking violations, road accidents, and more.

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POD delivery

СP 02

High speed three-wheel vehicle for delivery

High speed tricycle coming in 2023. Suitable for countries with hot climate (more than 50°C) and road high speed requirements (more than 100 km/h). Vehicle created for express and list mile delivery with 600L cargo space and 320 km distance range.

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We believe that a considered, balanced, and symbiotic tandem of man and machine can do much to harmonize the troubled employment and workforce development sectors.

Kind regards,
Founder, Inventor, and CEO Cleverpod

Alexander Yuryev